Guidelines and Principles                                                              

Boy Scouts of America Illowa Council

Guidelines and principles related to the Illowa Council's statement of non-discrimination

For over 100 years Scouting has brought together individuals and organizations of widely different backgrounds and beliefs.  Illowa Council continues this tradition as Scouting begins its second century.

  • Illowa Council respects human differences and a diversity of beliefs.  Among other values, we teach respect for the beliefs and rights of others through adherence to Scouting's oath and law.
  • Illowa Council welcomes all people who can help further Scouting's mission.  All members, leaders, and employees will be held to the high standards of Scouting's beliefs and values.
  • Illowa Council recognizes the right of parents and chartered organizations to choose their own Scouting leaders, trusting them to select talented adults and to hold all leaders accountable for appropriate behavior and actions consistent with Scouting's beliefs and values.
  • Illowa Council follows all laws and regulations dealing with the rights and the fair treatment of people on any basis and seeks to raise our community's youth to do the same.
  • Illowa Council and all chartered organizations adhere to the Adult Leadership and Youth Protection Policies of the Boy Scouts of America, so as to prevent abuse of its youth.