The Illowa Council is proud to present

CampMaster is a system designed to make your job easier when registering your Scouts for any event.  It is the best way to get your unit registered for Summer Camp and your boys registered for their Summer Camp Merit Badges.

We have included on this page some tutorials that we hope will help you navigate your way through this system.  There are many aspects to this system, but the links below primarily have to do with getting registered for Summer Camp.  Please click on any of the links to open the document.  

Home Page/Making Reservations - This tutorial walks you through the process of making a reservation for any event - Summer Camp.

Uploading Participants for a Unit Event - This tutorial walks you through the process of adding your Scouts to your Summer Camp Reservation.

Scheduling for Courses - This tutorial walks you through the process of scheduling your Scouts' Merit Badge courses for Summer Camp.

Printing Merit Badge Schedules - Once you receive your Scouts' schedules with times, you'll definitely want to print them out.  Here are the steps to do that:

1.    Login. Go to My Reservations and select your Summer Camp reservation.
2.   Click on Participant Schedule. (This should be the first one to appear in the drop down.)
3.   Select the document type where it says "Export the Selected Format."  (Most people use the PDF format.)
4.   Click on the Export icon to export.  Open the document to print.

As always, please do not hesitate to call the Council Service Center at (563) 388-7233 for assistance.  We are here to help you and are working to streamline this process as much as possible.

For further questions about Summer Camp, please contact Eric Smith, Program Director, at (563) 388-7233 ext. 122 or