Sac Fox Trail

Scouts like to hike and enjoy the recreational features of a hike. Hiking should help them realize a historical association connected with the individual trails and give them a taste of the hardships the early inhabitants of our great nation endured so that we have what we have today.

The Sac Fox Thunder Trail is approximately 12 miles long and is considered to contain a moderate degree of difficulty. The trail winds its way throughout the Loud Thunder Forest Preserve, through the Scout Camp, alongside Lake George, and offers breathtaking vistas of the surrounding countryside and the mighty Mississippi River. Organized trail hiking can be one of the most outstanding phases of the scouting program. Every year scouting units plan for more extended hikes and more trips as a significant part of their outdoor program.

It’s a great opportunity for your Scouts to work toward earning the Hiking Merit Badge.

Sac Fox Trail Brochure