Inali District Commissioner Staff

The Commissioner staff is a collection of experienced volunteer scouters who work with unit leaders, committees, and chartered organization representatives to help them run a quality Scouting program for their youth. The District Commissioner assigns Unit Commissioners to individual units. The purpose it to provide guidance and resources to unit leaders and committees for organizing quality programs, and to address specific needs or issues as they arise.

Are you a Unit Commissioner? Here is the Unit Report that you should fill out once a month are return to the Clinton Pedigo, District Commissioner at This form can be filled out by calling the Cubmaster or Scoutmaster or going to a unit meeting. By filling this form out you are helping the district determine the health of each unit.

Click here for the fillable PDF of the Unit Report.  

Click here for the printable PDF of the Unit Report. 

If interested in becoming a Unit Commissioner or filling a Vacant position please contact the District Commissioner below.


Clinton Pedigo


District Commissioner Duties

· Recruit and train a full staff of Commissioners.

· Oversee the Commissioner training program.

· Work with the District Chairman and District Executive as a member of the district's Key 3.

· Plan and preside at the monthly meeting of the District Commissioner staff.

· Attend district committee meeting to report on conditions of units and to secure specialized help for units.

· Represent the district as a member of the council commissioner’s cabinet.

· Help the District achieve Journey to Excellence status.


 Tracy Renner


 Assistant District Commissioner Duties

· Recruit enough Unit Commissioners to serve their assigned units and areas.

· Conduct personal coaching and orientation sessions for unit Commissioners.

· Maintain regular contact with their Unit Commissioners to provide guidance in unit service needs.

· Serve units with no assigned Unit Commissioner.

· Help Unit Commissioners evaluate and improve their unit service performance.



Assistant District Commissioner of Roundtable

Recruiting - Assist the District Commissioner with the recruitment of District Roundtable Commissioners

Training Support - Ensure the District Roundtable Commissioner takes the training for their positions

Program Planning and Content - Work with the District Commissioner and District Executive to design a District Roundtable that meets the unique needs of the District

Technology Utilization - Promote the use of technology to ensure that Roundtable meetings are adequately promoted and that the meetings are engage and empower the volunteers.  Explore the use of technology to support those who are not able to attend the meetings in person

Serve as Roundtable/Forum Moderator - Where appropriate, serve as the moderator for all combined district Roundtables by:  Open the meeting, Welcome and Introduce visitors or guest speakers, Provide directions for program group breakouts, Provide feedback to Roundtable personnel, following the meeting as appropriate

Information Dissemination and Promotion - Disseminate current BSA news and points of interest, including new merit badges, program changes, upcoming literature, etc, so the District Roundtable provides valuable and timely information for the volunteer base.  Create a presence at District Events by promoting Scout Leader's Roundtable as THE place to go for leaders who want to be in the know, share Scouting Fellowship, and have fun!




Roundtable Commissioners Duties

· Recruit and train a staff qualified to put on quality roundtables for unit personnel.

· Plan monthly roundtable programs including visitors, presentations, and training per your position (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing).

· Make all arrangements for roundtables including meeting places, equipment, and supplies.

· Promote Roundtable Attendance to units being served by the District in respect to your position (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing)

· Conduct regular critiques to determine how roundtables can be improved




        Unit Commissioners       

Unit Commissioner Duties

· Help each unit earn the Journey to Excellence Award.

· Use the annual Commissioner service plan, with its scheduled opportunities for Commissioner contact with units.

· Know each phase of the Scouting program and keep current by reviewing Scouting program literature.

· Visit unit meetings and observe the unit in action and determine the degree to which the descriptions in the literature are being followed. Only if called upon, participate or help in some of the regular activities of the unit.

· Visit regularly with the unit leader and listen to what the unit leader has to say. Offer encouragement and support and help the leader see new opportunities for improvement, but always maintain the best possible relationship with unit leadership. Help the leader with forms and applications. Encourage unit participation in district and council program events and training opportunities.

· Work to ensure effective and active unit committees. Visit with the unit committee periodically and observe the committee in action, offer suggestions for improvement and work with the committee to solve problems and improve unit operation.

· Keep in touch with the chartered organizations of the units you serve. Meet and orient the chartered organization representative. Meet the head of the organization and explain your role as helper of units. Help develop a good relationship between unit leaders and chartered organization leaders.

· Know the neighborhood in which your units are located so that you can help graduating members of one program join the next level of Scouting (e.g. Webelos to Boy Scouts).



Gerald Becraft



Stephen Frazier



Bruce Lauerman



Mick Maciejewski



Tamera McCulloch



Michael Melcher


If interested in becoming a Unit Commissioner contact the District Commissioner or District Executive