Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement
The Ins and Outs of Internet Advancement

Advancement is one of the core features of the Boy Scout and Cub Scout program, and we need to make sure as leaders we are doing our part to make sure the youth are getting recognized for their acheivements.  The best thing to do is to make sure we are all filling out advancement forms and making sure they get into the Scout Service Center.  There are different options to handling youth advancemnt, one of the most common being filling out the paper advancement forms and turning them into the Scout office and Scout Shop so that you can buy advancements; but there is in fact a quicker and easier way to do just that; Internet Advancement.

Internet Advancement is quite easy, simple, and it pretty much handles everything for you.  You are able to pull your roster straight from the office database meaning you have the most uptodate roster we have of your youth.  If you do not see a youth listed on the roster, check to make sure his application has been turned in recently because that means he has not been registered yet.  Once you submit the Advancement form, it will automatically update the information you just submitted, so you no longer need to bring that paper copy into the office to turn in (though you will still need to bring it in to buy rank advancements from the Scout Shop).

Internet Advancement Steps:
Step 1.  Obtain your Unit ID and your Unit # from the Scout Office. (You can also check below with the form that has everyone's Unit ID and Unit #)
Step 2. Log onto and click the Internet Advancement link (Internet Advancement will be on your left hand side, below Unit Tools)
Step 3. Enter your Unit ID and Unit #.  If this is your first time logging into Internet Advancement, it will ask for you to enter your name and email address and to creat a password. (Remember, this can only be tied directly to ONE email address.  Try to find one person to be in charge of updating all Advancement information, otherwise the password will have to be shared between multiple people.)
Step 4. Upload your roster from either the Scout Office or from a tracking program (Troopmaster, Packmaster, ie)