There is no doubt that trained leaders deliver a better program
for a unit's youth and trained leaders find their job easier, too!
Check out the available trainings here and see when they are offered near you.

Mentoring Program
The Mentoring Program aims to reach out to Troops and Packs to provide current leaders and adults access to knowledgeable and experienced adult leaders and resources in order to offer help, guidance, and advice on delivering a quality program for the boys and to strengthen communication with Saukenuk District leadership.

For more information, contact Jim Coe, Brian Shore, Jeff Applegate, or Austin Madesian. Find their contact information by clicking on the 'District Contacts' link on the left-side menu.

Our district's training team is also available to come out and train your entire Pack leadership.
Contact Sam Dalin for scheduling by finding her contact information on the District Contacts page.