What is COPE?

COPE stands for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. A COPE course is a custom built challenge course or ropes course designed to meet the needs of the Boy Scouts of America.  Project COPE is an exciting outdoor activity for youth and adults who seek greater challenges to their physical and mental abilities. A COPE course is designed to foster personal growth among youth and adults individually and as a group.  



COPE Facilitator Training - Learn how to keep older Scouts interested and involved by empowering them to become facilitators (for ages 16+).  Trained facilitators are positive role models for participants, promoting self-confidence and positive group dynamics.  Facilitators know how to inspect the equipment for safety, correctly set up the course, and guide the participants through the course to reach their desired goals through experiential learning.  Facilitators also are skilled in knot-tying, belaying and other climbing techniques.

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