The biggest reason that boys don't join Scouting is:

"Nobody Asked!"

So what's the best way to ask boys to join Scouting? By going to where the boys are, IN THEIR SCHOOLS, and asking them to join Scouting! 


  • Coordinate with your membership team to choose a date for your 'boy talk'.  Once you've chosen a date, your District Executive will talk with the principal, or organization leader, to set up a brief meeting for you to meet with all boys of Tiger Cub and Cub Scout ages, either by going from classroom to classroom (preferred) or in a special assembly (rally) to be held during normal hours of operation 2-3 days before roundup event.
  • Remember the purpose of the meeting is to excite and enthuse boys to come to a joining event and to inform them of what to bring.

Contact your District Executive:

Allison Hupfer
Hilary Tanner
J.D. Englehardt
Zach Beuthien
Saukenuk    Jeff Applegate

Presentation Format: 

Any of these presentation formats can be successful. Use the one that is most comfortable to you and convenient for the school or organization: 

  • Classroom-to-classroom visits
  • All-boy assembly
  • Small-group presentations
  • During lunch time or recess
Boy Talk Tips:

  • Have a neat physical appearance.  Be sure your hair is combed and you are in uniform.
  • Be sure to bring the necessary materials - fliers, stickers, props, posters, etc.
  • Ask the teacher to give a recruiting sticker or flier to every boy.

  • Be enthused!  Make them remember this later and want to tell their parents! Here is a YouTube channel with a wide variety of examples of what to do and what to say during a 'boy talk' to get boys excited about joining Scouting.

  • Tell the boys that they need a special ticket to come to the joining event - their parents! Tell them if they can't come to send one or both of their parents.

  • Make sure posters are up throughout the building - over water fountain, bulletin boards, cafeteria, etc.

  • Remind current Scouts to wear their uniform on the day of the joining event.

  • Leave extra fliers with school personnel and ask that they make an announcement about the joining event on the day of the event.

  • Carry the phone number of the Girl Scout office in case a girl asks for it.

  • Thank the teacher and other personnel for their time.  Remember, a Scout is courteous!