Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other faith-based organizations in your community can be very helpful in reaching the families of potential Scouts.  Some of them may already charter a Pack or Troop.

Following are some ideas for promoting your Joining Night at local churches. They may be more effective if you know a congregation member who will help you with requests.

Bulletin Inserts

  • Ask the church secretary to put a notice about your Joining Night in the bulletin.  Be sure to include date, time, location, and contact information.
  • We have special bulletin inserts available at your request.  Contact your District Executive for more information.

Social Media

Request that the church include information about your joining night in the following:

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Electronic Newsletter

Pulpit/Morning Announcement

Many churches include 'morning announcements' prior to the start of worship.  Ask if your church leader will mention your Joining Night during this time.

Church Events

Many churches organize events for congregation members such as youth fairs, picnics, bazaars, and other gatherings.  Find out how to best promote your joining night during these events.

Don't forget to put up a yard sign and/or poster!