Fliers are a great way to reach potential Scouts and families! These can be a great tool to promote your joining night. Take them with you to your Boy Talk as a personal invitation to your event.

Paper Fliers

Good planning is the key to success in using your fliers. Once you get your flier prepared, your District Executive can assist you in getting them printed.

Follow these steps to get started: 

  1. Contact your District Executive to provide the important details about your event.
  2. Timing is important.  Be sure to get the the information to your District Executive two weeks prior to your event.  There will be a lot of units requesting fliers, and we want to be able to help everyone. We will print as many as needed for the boys in your school and a few extra to leave in the office.
  3. Many schools have an approval process for any fliers being distributed. Your District Executive will contact your school or organization to find out this process.

"Digital Backpacks"

Many schools are going to 'digital backpacks' or e-blasts with attachments. Your fliers may be distributed using this format, but that means the boys will not be able to excitedly hand his parent something for them to look at.  Check to see if the school will do both as many people are now more attentive to their electronic communications.

Other Place for Fliers

  • day care centers
  • home-school associations