The best recruiters you have are current Scouts and their families. 

Peer-to-peer cards will help your Scouts and families to invite friends to take part in your Joining Night or other event.

"Business cards" can be another tool to use in inviting friends to join Scouting.  

  • Design and print attractive "business cards" for parents and Scouts to distribute to friends and other family members. Use a local print shop or a business card template on your home computer.
  • Use cards as a "take-away" at schools, churches, and community functions.
  • Create a kid-friendly "buddy card" for your Scouts to to use with their friends.
  • If your Unit participates in a local parade, have Scouts pass out cards along the parade route.
  • Design a special version to distribute with Halloween candy, making sure to include date, time, and location of event and contact information.

Bring-a-Buddy Event

Typically in the fall each District plans an event or events where your Scouts can "Bring-a-Buddy" to encourage Scouts and their families to bring new families along. Your Unit can have its own event, asking Scouts to bring a friend to the event or Joining Night.  Don't forget your Scout will earn a "Recruiter" patch when he successfully brings a buddy into Scouting!

Below is a brief video with tips and other information on Peer-to-Peer Recruiting.