The biggest reason that boys don't join Scouting is:

"Nobody Asked!"

So what's one way to get the word out about joining Scouting? By going to where the boys are, INTO THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS, and putting up yard signs asking them to join Scouting! 


In coordination with the Unit Committee, Parents, District Executive and the District Membership Team, organize a few days to put out yard signs. First, fill out the yard signs with the Unit’s membership chair name and contact information so people can call to join Scouting.  It is best to have yard signs out 10-14 days prior to the recruiting event.

Yard Sign Tips:

  • Place at busy, high-traffic intersections for people to see as they drive by;
  • Be sure your handwriting is neat and is large enough to be seen by people driving by;
  • Place signs in front of all schools;
  • Ask the families and boys in your unit to place signs in their own front yards;
  • Be sure signs are in the yards at libraries, museums, YMCA's, parks, recreation areas, etc.
  • Leave extra signs at the school and ask that personnel put them out on the night of the your event.